CAB Cafe

CAB CAFE. Cakes | Coffee | Pastries

It was an semi-old house type that was converted to a profitable business area. The parking is the first problem that the customers will surely experience due to lack of space.We supposed to spent the remaining 30 minutes of our lunch break here but instead it extends to an hour of stay.

The cakes were great. Not too sweet yet too much in Whip Cream. But over-all, it was great. The slice were quite big for their price. I supposed to order pasta or sandwich which I saw from the other table but when I asked the cashier what is their lead time for serving, she told me that it was 10-15 minutes. So I go with the rest of them buying coffee and cake. That was my first time to eat lunch with that kind of meal. pang sosyal lang. haha

Outside of CAB Cafe
 They have 2 separate menu. 1 is for the meal and the other one is for their cakes and pastries. I suggest that if you planned to avail their cakes and pastries, It's better to order it by yourself at the counter for you to see personally their cakes and pastries.

Pavlova P125.00
What I ordered, Plavova -it was like meruenge with mango and whip cream. MASARAP! 

Caramel Machiatto P85.00
Same taste with other Coffee shop but in cheaper version.

Pistachio P122.00

Mango Cream P85.00

Chocolate Carrot Cake P65.00

CAB CAFE. Cakes | Coffee | Pastries 
18 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City


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