Jan 11, 2015

Winter In Seoul, South Korea – Day 2

I had a strenuous day yesterday, so instead of waking up early, I ended up waking up around 9:30AM. I instantly sent a Line message to my host, on which by that time, he already left the house. He just messaged me the password of his door lock so I can proceed to his house. He also noted that a German guy was scheduled to surf the same day. I packed my things from the hostel and left Hyochang Park bound to Sinnonhyeon Station. I arrived in my host house around 11:00AM and the German surfer was already inside.

Around 11:30, we decided to go out to explore some sights in the city. Our original itinerary was :
  •          63 Building – to proceed to the roof deck for a skyline view of Seoul
  •         War Memorial of Korea
  •         National Museum of Korea
  •         Myeongdong
  •         Namsan Tower

Here’s what really happened.

We walked towards Sinnonhyeon Station to catch a train bound to Saetgang Station. From Exit 2, we walked towards 63 building. When we reached the information centre (time check : 12:30PM), we found out that they don’t have a roof deck open for public; hence we can see a 360 degree view of Seoul on the 60th floor which happens to be their Sky Art Gallery. We paid 13,000KRW for the admission fee.

From the 63 building, we headed down to Yeouido Station going to Samgakji Station where the War Memorial Museum is located. We reached War Memorial around 3:00PM. There is no entrance fee collected to go inside. It was already 4:30PM when we finished exploring Room 1. The room was filled with information on how the war started which was presented and displayed using high end technology.

We decided not to proceed to other spots we listed for the day since we haven’t eaten anything the entire day. We decided to eat good Korean food in Insadong area. When we are inside Seoul Station to transfer train, we end up exiting the station and looked for a restaurant outside the Seoul Station. By stepping out, we immediately notice the displayed ad of Pizza Hut which offers 12,900.00KRW Eat-All-You-Can promo.

After eating our first meal, we contacted our host to ask if the dinner that he mentioned will be an outside dinner. We clarified if we need to go back to his house or he will just fetch us from the Station. He then told us meet him in his house around 7:30PM.  We reached our home around 7:00PM. He arrived around 7:45PM together with new his meet up couchsurfers. Together with him are one local guy and 2 Finnish guys. He prepared us food to share for dinner and brought some beers and played Korean board game and a German word guessing game. The Taiwanese-American girl arrived few moments after dinner. She just came back from Busan. It was around 9:30PM when the 3 meet up couchsurfers bid there goodbye to the rest of the group.


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